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Design & Innovation is in our DNA

Murel was founded with the quest to improve upon the past. Our last company CruxCase LLC, received international acclaim including being featured in Wired, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, as well as being highlighted in two recent books: “iPad Secrets”  and “Crowdfund Investing For Dummies”. In October of 2012 Crux launched a high-end aluminum product called the CruxSKUNK. This product succeeded in raising $500K on both and the website. In total, Crux has pre-sold nearly $1 Million in product through crowdfunding. Crux was sold to BGZ Brands in July of 2014. 

Murel is a company founded on our passion for sport combined with our unique design-crowdfunding DNA. Our mission is to design and develop incredible products for sport & adventure enthusiasts.

We hope you'll join us on this new journey!

Brian Hullinger Probst
Founder - Murel



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